• Youtube online session and list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad 2019

    1. Youtube layers


    You can see on the right-hand side in the properties it's one thousand two hundred and eighty pixels by seven hundred and twenty pixels at seventy-two pixels punch. So this is the right size and resolution that YouTube requires. And this is what we're going to make our image in. It's created a layer called Layer. It's not locked down and because we see that checkerboard pattern that is a transparent background it basically means that there is nothing there not a checkerboard pattern but adds absolutely nothing is there right now. But again we're not going to uselist of digital marketing companies in hyderabad that. So that's of no concern. So now what we want to do is we want to move our image over into this document.


    2. Youtube Thumbnails


    First of all, let's go ahead and say this. So we'll just make it transparent and then hit the create button. Now that is going to go ahead and create the new document for us and let's see if we go to OK. So I went to the move tool and I just clicked out in the centre. I always like to save at the beginning and then that ways I can just hit a shortcut key to keep saving as I keep working. So go up to the top go to list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad file and then save is great. Out because we haven't made any changes and we haven't saved this yet. So go ahead and click the save as button and this will allow us to save it then make sure you go to the file that you would like to keep it in. It's going to bring in the name that we called it. So I call it YouTube thumbnail and that's what it's going to be. And this is a PSP file that ways we can create layers and edit those layers later on whenever you have that ready to go hit the save button in the bottom right-hand corner and digital agency then just go ahead and make sure maximize compatibility as turned on.


    3. Mac OS


    I'm gonna go ahead and click on don't show again so I don't have to view this anymore and then hit. OK, so that'll go ahead and save the document out for us. And as we begin making edits we want to list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad which continually be saving to do that you can go to the top and you can go to file and as you begin making edits this will actually be highlighted so you can click on it. It's still great out because we haven't done anything to the document yet but you can click on Save here or you can get a shortcut key control s for Windows or command s for Mac OS and that's a shortcut key I'm gonna be using as I save this document. And as I began making edits. OK so let's go ahead and bring the image over.


    4. PSP file


    You'll notice at the top that we have thelist of digital marketing companies in hyderabad adults blur business dot JP G. That's the image of our camera. And then we have the YouTube thumbnail dot PSP file which we're working on and you can see we're zoomed in at per cent. So this is the actual size that this will created and if we zoom in we'll be at per cent and we can move around the workspace. And if we zoom out twice we'll be at per cent three times at per cent and list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad we'll be zooming in and out as we begin working and to do that. I'm just holding control or command and hitting the plus or minus buttons. So go up to the top and click on this tab where the image is and what we want to do is we want to move this image over.


    Now the easiest way to do this is just going over to the layers panel and single click and hold down onto the layer. And as you begin dragging around you will see that that layer is now being able to be moved. So now if you can see it it's really kind of great out or transparent but I've grabbed that layer. Now if I go up to the document that we're working in and I just keep holding over that tab I haven't let go of my mouse yet. If I hold over the tab it will actually go to that document with my cursor and then I can come out here in the middle of this document and just let go to list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad and it will actually drop that image into this document. Now you can see it's created a new layer called Layer and it's brought in our image. However, because its image is so much larger than our workspace it's getting clipped off and you can see a zoomed in version of what looks like the hand right here. Let's go ahead and just rename this layer. I'm going to double click on it and call this original and we don't need layer one anymore so we can just click on that and then we can hit the trash can and they'll say sure you want to delete this list of digital marketing companies in hyderabad we can hit yes. And now we just have this image. The original layer with the image on it now because we're done with the original image you can leave it open if you would like to. I'm going to just go ahead and close it out.